Coming across an old friend on LinkedIn

Posted by Kevin Walker on April 13, 2015

I have just been updating my LinkedIn profile as I have completed two training courses recently and I have only now had time to add them to my skills. Looking through the home/news page I have spotted a few interesting updates, the main one being, a friend I used to go to university with has recently launched her own marketing company called HT Financial Marketing.

This is really exciting news, and on looking at their website they specialise in marketing for financial services. Although only a small company, they offer a wide range of services (brand and key messaging, campaign development, websites, SEO and digital marketing including social media, to name a few) and have several years experience of working in the industry. 

I am not that familiar with the type of clients they work for which are; investment managers, investment consultants and independent trustee boards, but I would have thought that most of these companies have their own in-house marketing teams, so I am curious how a marketing agency fits in. 

After a bit of my own research, it seems that a marketing company often acts as an addition to the in-house team for specific projects or the opposite is also an option whereby work is outsourced to them. For smaller companies there is also the benefit of having an agency to act as the sole marketing resource, if there aren’t appropriate resources within the company – flexibility is definitely the key here.

Marketing companies have a variety of services that they offer to companies, so I’m wondering what sets one apart from another, and what makes a potential client select a particular marketing company. Some companies will have existing (often long-term) relationships with these marketing companies, and/or will also have heard via their industry contacts that a certain agency has a good reputation. Or they may simply do their own research to find the most appropriate agency they can partner with. 

Looking forward to seeing more updates from HT Financial Marketing on LinkedIn.