What is a specialist executive search boutique?

Posted by Kevin Walker on December 10, 2015

Once again this week, I have learnt something new. I was chatting to my mate about the best use of graphics on websites and as he was showing me a demo of some examples, he clicked on to a website that he has been working on.  What caught my eye, wasn’t the graphics, but the content itself.

The website is for a ‘specialist executive search boutique’ – sounds like a fancy clothes shop to me, but it turns out this is not a shop, but a specialist recruitment company based in London. Very curious, as this is not the term you normally associate (or I wouldn’t anyway) with recruitment, I am more familiar with job agency, or a recruitment company.

The name sets this company, Noble Davies Search, apart from standard job agencies as they are a small company that specialise in finding ‘executives’ for specifically London based Asset Management distribution roles.

The world of Finance isn’t my strong point, but after hearing this I was interested to find out what that actually means. Asset Management according to Wikipedia is ‘the term is most commonly used in the financial world to describe people and companies that manage investments on behalf of others’. Got that so far, but what are ‘distribution roles’? The types of positions they recruit for are consultant relations, marketing, product development, client services, corporate communications and sales.

From their homepage, it sounds like they have been in the industry for a long time, so know their stuff – and their clients. They talk a lot about building long-term relationships with clients and candidates and also about working with complete integrity and transparency. In order for them to find you a role you must have experience in the industry also, so this isn’t a company to call if you are new to this field.

Back to the graphic designing…