What is the National Retraining Scheme?

Posted by Kevin Walker on January 31, 2020

I've been working on a project related to skills and the challenges of the future, and I was really interested to hear about the new National Retraining Scheme.

So what is it you ask? The National Retraining Scheme is a new government inituative aimed at those workers who will be affacted by the changing demmands of the work place.

Thanks to people like me, there has been a big increase in the use of tech, AI and automation. For example, the work I did with a private health clinic recently that changed the way all enquires are handled. This new scheme aims to proactively help retrain people who need new skills as automation and AI take over previous jobs.

It sounds like a great idea to me. Let's face it, we won't need a lot of jobs in the future, so getting people ready for the changes can only be a good thing. It's aimed at people who already work but aren't at degree level jobs or anything.

If you want to know more, unionlearn have a great resource dedicated to this, so check it out.